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Chief Operating Officer



vonne embraces the motto of “Do it, Screw it, and Repeat,” embodying a fearless and resilient approach to learning. Her career has been a thrilling roller-coaster ride, beginning at HVD, a renowned TV drama Production House, where she worked in the casting department. This experience exposed her to a diverse range of artistic individuals, including artists, directors, and producers from both local and international backgrounds, notably from Hong Kong.

After a few years, Yvonne transitioned into higher management roles, starting as a marketing manager at Mayfair Bodyline. She then received an opportunity from a headhunter to join Adonis as a marketing manager, and her career continued to soar. Progressing steadily, she eventually became the general manager for S2 Slimming and Glow & Glamour. However, the corporate world presented a contrast to the creative industry, with its emphasis on honesty and happiness. This realization prompted Yvonne to make a courageous decision, stepping away from her high-level position and bidding farewell to the industry as a whole.

Returning to her passion for casting, Yvonne joined Double Vision, a Television Production House known for producing the popular comedic sitcom ‘Gei Zi Dong Guai’ at that time. She also spent two years in an advertising agency, where she managed the production of TV commercials for esteemed clients such as Bank Mandiri, Energizer, BOH Tea, Singha Beer, and many more.

In 2013, a new chapter began for Yvonne when she joined Mega Music World right from its inception, playing a pivotal role in establishing the company as a prominent music school in town. This return to her roots brought her immense joy and tranquillity as she found herself surrounded by music enthusiasts and students once again. Now, in 2023, Yvonne reaches a new pinnacle in her career by co-founding Tutti Creative. Her aspiration is to empower musicians and help them achieve financial stability through their love for music.

Yvonne’s journey, characterized by resilience and an unwavering commitment to her passions, brings a unique perspective to Tutti Creative. As a co-founder and manageral visionary, she will play a crucial role in shaping the school’s direction and providing valuable insights. Yvonne’s deep understanding of the industry, combined with her ability to create harmonious environments for music enthusiasts and students, will contribute to Tutti Creative’s mission of nurturing aspiring musicians and supporting their dreams of a successful music career.

With Yvonne’s indomitable spirit and dedication to the well-being of music professionals, Tutti Creative will continue to thrive as a vibrant community where music thrives and artists flourish.

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