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Chief Executive Officer



oven’s remarkable musical journey began when his band, Deftcon, secured the 1st Runner-Up position in Guinness Canto Rock 1996. This achievement propelled them to embark on a one-year tour with Polygram Records, performing across the country. They signed with Rock Records following the tour and started recording their debut album. Unfortunately, a devastating fire at Channel 11  Studio disrupted their progress and destroyed their masters.

Undeterred by the setback, Poven channelled his frustration into his new band, Malito, and performed energetically at renowned clubs like Halo Rock Cafe. With their captivating classic rock-style performances, Malito quickly gained a reputation and enjoyed packed venues. The band garnered media attention through press appearances, radio interviews, and inclusion in compilation albums. They also had the opportunity to perform alongside other artists at concerts and major festival events nationwide.

After a decade of active performance, Poven decided to transition into a different sector of the music industry. He joined a corporate company, taking on the marketing role for musical instruments. This position provided him with invaluable opportunities to connect with various industry professionals, including sound engineers, artists, and producers. It broadened his understanding of how the music industry operates. Simultaneously, Poven established a retail company called Ultimate Music, which opened four branches in major cities throughout Malaysia.

Despite reduced live performances, Poven’s vocal talents remained in demand for numerous commercials, including Honda, KFC, Kickapoo, F&N, and Maxis. Notably, he lent his voice to the theme song of the World Cup Hockey 2000 and the movie soundtrack for “Kinta1881.” Poven was also frequently invited to judge various band competitions, including the prestigious Global Battle of the Bands and Passport to Fame.

Embracing yet another chapter in his career, Poven transitioned to music education. In 2013, he founded Mega Music World and expanded his ventures by establishing Mojo Melisma, a recording studio, in 2018. His deep passion lies in using music as a tool to edify people, deriving immense satisfaction from witnessing individuals succeed in their musical endeavours. In 2023, he embarked on a new venture as a co-founder of Tutti Creative, aiming to create a music commune that fosters creativity and collaboration within society.

As the Co-founder and CEO of Tutti Creative, Poven brings extensive experience, a wide network, and a genuine passion for music education. His vision is to provide a nurturing environment where individuals can explore their musical talents and thrive. With Poven’s leadership, Tutti Creative will become a beacon of inspiration, empowering aspiring musicians and fostering a vibrant community that celebrates the transformative power of music.

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