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Electric Guitar, Classical guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Music Production

Language proficiency

Bahasa Malaysia

Fadhil’s love for music has been a guiding force since his youth. Driven by this passion, he pursued a diploma in Music at Sultan Idris Education University, laying the foundation for his career. Starting as a private teacher for guitar, bass, drums, and songwriting, he welcomed students from all walks of life, including those with special needs and local artists in Malaysia.

Despite his early successes, Fadhil’s journey reached new heights when he signed with a record label and formed the band Margasatwa. Together, they captivated audiences across Malaysia with their performances, earning acclaim and accolades. Through their music, Fadhil expressed his deep-seated love for the art form, aspiring to ignite the same passion in others.

Now, Fadhil embarks on a new chapter, driven by a desire to ensure the enduring legacy of music. With a focus on music education, he seeks to instill a love for music in future generations, fostering an environment where appreciation thrives. In this endeavor, he finds fulfillment in both imparting his knowledge and reveling in the joy thatĀ musicĀ brings.

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