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Get ready to unleash your inner rockstar with our drumming course! The drums aren’t just an instrument, they’re a way of life. They’re a fantastic outlet for all that pent-up energy and can help you develop both physical coordination and mental wellness. 

If you’re a teenager looking to pick up the drums, you’re in luck! Compared to other instruments like guitar or piano, the drums are relatively easy to learn. With just a few lessons, you’ll be playing simple grooves and soon be able to start jamming to your favorite pop tunes! For kids, it may take a bit longer to get the hang of things, but the foundational skills you’ll develop in body coordination, timing, and note reading will be beneficial in both music and non-music subjects that require discipline.


Tutti uses the Rockschool exam syllabus, offering graded exams from Debut to Grade 8. And if you’re interested in pursuing a Drum Diploma or other vocational subjects, just reach out to us directly. So come join us and let’s rock out together!