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Dixon PODJ516PKBG-WB Jet Set Plus – Black Green / Deep Blue Sparkle / White


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  • 5 pc Double Braced Hardware Pack (cymbal not included)
  • Drum and Hardware Bags
  • Bass Drum: 12×16
  • Tom 1: 6×8
  • Tom 2: 6×10
  • Floor Tom: 10×12
  • Snare Drum: 4.5×12
What’s in the box?
  • 1 x Dixon PODJ516PKSZW-WB Jet Set Plus (RM 5080)


  • Istanbul MX Cymbals (RM 1935)
  • Dixon Drum Stool PSN7 (RM 290)
  • Dixon Drum Stool PSN91000N (RM 320)
  • Dixon Drum Stool PSN802 (RM 480)
Dixon PODJ516PKSZW-WB Jet Set Plus

5-Piece Double Braced Hardware Pack With Drum, Bass Drum 12×16, Tom 1 6×8, Tom 2 6×10, Floor Tom 10×12, Snare Drum 4.5×12, Hardware Bags

JET SET PLUS is adaptable to ALL the limitations drummers experience. Compact for small spaces and easily portable, Jet Set Plus offers both sit-down and stand-up performance options along with a quick-flip choice between audible play (batter side) and silent mesh practice (resonant side). From traveling to teaching, Jet Set plus makes the grade.

  • 9-ply Mahogany shells with a counter cut 45-degree bearing edge
  • Fully adjustable mounted triple tom holder
  • Mesh drumhead on resonance side (flip to play quietly!)
  • Silencing pads for cymbals and snare


Additional information


White, Black Green, Deep Blue Sparkle


No Cymbals, Istanbul MX Cymbals

Drum Stool

No Stool, Dixon Drum Stool PSN7, Dixon Drum Stool PSN91000N, Dixon Drum Stool PSN802


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